Monday, November 29, 2004

Over Too Fast

Did everyone else's Thanksgiving go by as fast as mine did? I figured with a 4 day weekend, that I would come back to work relaxed and ready to go for the next few weeks until Christmas. Instead, I am more tired today than I was when I left work last Wednesday. We crammed so much in during the past 4 days. It was a lot of fun though.

On Wednesday Night, my grandpa, dad, future brother-in-law, and I had our annual Ford Men's Pool Night. The night before Thanksgiving, every year we head to Dave and Busters to play some pool and grab dinner. It is just a great time to get out of the house while the girls are baking.

On Thursday, we headed to Corona for Thanksgiving. My Aunt and Uncle were able to fit 22 of us around one table for dinner. We had about 40 lbs of turkey and all the fixins. My uncle deep fries one of them and it is always so good. We also had about 5 different kinds of dessert, highlighted by my wife's Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. It was to die for. After the festivities, we headed over to The Askews to spend the night.

On Friday, we all slept in a little bit and then spent the day with The Askews. We piled into the mini van and headed over to Tom's Farm in Corona. We had a lot of good food and got a little Christmas shopping in. It was definitely a great place to visit, especially with the kids. In the evening, Alissa and I watched Abby and Drew while Nick and Melissa headed to Pechanga to watch the Fab Four concert. We had a lot of fun with the kids. We watched Shrek 2, Harry Potter 3, and The Stepford Wives. I would not recommend The Stepford Wives to anyone.

On Saturday morning, we packed up and headed home. We made hot cocoa and decorated the house for our first Christmas together. We unboxed our $10 tree from Big Lots and decorated it nicely. It is not exactly what we had in mind, but it is sure better than no tree at all. In the evening, we went over to my parent's house for Thanksgiving Part 2. My sisters cooked up an amazing feast with all of our favorites. Afterwards we had a great game of Uno Attack.

Finally, on Sunday we headed over to The Mattson's for Becca's 2nd Birthday Party. It was a lot of fun to see her open the elephant that we made for her at Build A Bear. When we got home, we were exhausted from the long weekend. We just sat on the couch and caught up on our TiVo. Thankfully, there wasn't too much to watch since a lot of the shows were not on this week because of the Holiday.

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Felipe said...

i misread it as 'build a beer'... yes! that's the coolest ever. but, like i said, i misread. i guess a bear will do.