Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Couple Of Balloons Before Christmas

Well We have been very busy as I'm sure everyone else is too. We have been visiting dear friends and family, going to birthday parties and preparing for the Ultimate Birthday Party, "CHRISTmas". Both girls have enjoyed watching Christmas movies, decorating the house, singing carols, and making baked goodies. Emma has become very fond (putting it mildly) of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. So we have watched the movie, listened to the song and read the book too many times to count. Sara is such a good sport that she just enjoys participating in whatever her big sister is doing. Both girls enjoyed visiting Santa this year so we were ale to get a "smiling picture" this year. It always seems like its an every other year occasion so we'll have to see how next year's turns out.
Emma who is now almost four and a half is getting to be so grown up. She is enjoying going to school and asks daily if today is a school day and is sad when she is off track and has to wait 3 weeks to go back. Emma speech is improving and she learns new words and phrases daily. Its great to see how quickly she absorbs new information. There isn't much we can get by her now. Emma's balance is also improving since she started wearing her Magic shoes (AFO's). its wonderful to see her development progressing.
Sara, who is growing up WAY too quickly, is now almost 9 months old. She is reaching milestones left and right, as she is standing and trying to walk. Sara now cruises around the house either behind her play shopping cart or holding onto furniture. Sara has truly found her voice and she loves to sing loudly. She has also learned to whisper, sweetly. It's very cute. Sara's latest trick is to clap her hands for herself as she says yay!!!. She is very proud of herself and we are proud of her too.
Both girls keep us on our toes and we love watching them grow to be the happy girls they are becoming. We look forward to this next week as Daddy is off and we can spend some quality family time as we celebrate CHRISTmas together.
We hope all of you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy And Healthy New Year!

Emma and Sara Visit Santa. Both loved seeing him.
This is Sara's first CHRISTmas and she is delighted it the wonder of it all.

Sara is 8.5 months old

Emma is 4.5 years old

Playing with balloons from Harper's 1st Birthday Party.
Oh what fun balloons are!