Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008 !!!

T'was the night before New Years and Emma was asleep,
All cozy in her new jammies while dreaming so deep.
Mommy & Daddy watched a movie while waiting to creep,
into her room to take a peep at their sweet little angel fast asleep.

When what did she hear in her room so slight,
T'was Mommy & Daddy wishing her a Good Night.

Emma was grumpy and annoyed by this,
All mommy and Daddy wanted was one kiss from their little miss.
(Ok, enough with the rhymes)

On New Years Eve day, we took a little trip to Hotel Del Coronado.
This is a special place for us, as Mark & I got engaged there 4 years ago on New Years Eve at sunset. We try to go there every year to celebrate. It was wonderful to share this with our daughter. We enjoyed ice cream and seeing the last beautiful sunset of 2007.
What a great way to wrap up the year.
Emma tried ice cream for the first time and I think she liked it.
Emma enjoyed the taste of chocolate and caramel...Mmmm!
More Please...Sharing with Daddy.

Watching her first sunset with Daddy. What a special moment.


Love, the Ford Family