Monday, March 26, 2007

Piggy Tails & OT

Emma has finally started growing hair. Enough hair to put into piggy tails.
Emma is working hard at growing and gaining weight, as she now is about 13.5 pounds. She is such a funny girl, making facial expressions that just crack us up. She is diligently working on fine-motor skills and is still so close to sitting on her own. We know the day will come when she'll start following us around the house. We can't wait.

Smiling Pretty in Piggy Tails

Working with Joan, Emma's new O.T.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Family Day at Woodbridge Lake

Today we went to Woodbridge lake and took a nice walk.
We spent time feeding the ducks and took some family photos.
It is really nice to be able to get out with our girl and enjoy the warm sunshine.
Emma really enjoyed being outside, seeing lots of puppies walking and sourdough eating ducks.

Family photo op..

Tickle me Emma the 1st edition...

Looking over Daddy's shoulder


MMM Sourdough..

Here Ducky Ducky

Come a little closer, don't be shy.

Daddy Time

Daddy & Emma had a nice time this morning snuggling and playing.
It was fun to see them playing and being silly.

Smiling for the camera...

Eskimo Kisses

Emma has a new big girl carseat.
Now if she could just gain some weight she could face forward,
until then she'll see the road from where we've been.

One Of Many Updates...

Yesterday we played at Nana and Papa's house.
Daddy and Emma watched the birds and enjoyed being outside in the backyard.
Emma has been working hard to gain enough muscle control to sit up.
She is getting closer and closer to reaching her sitting milestone.

Daddy & Emma in Nana's & Papa's Backyard

Sitting is hard work but what a different view from the floor.
Now I can see my toys better.

MMM...Frog legs, good!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Updates & Recent Pictures of the Girl

The last few days have been exciting for us all. Although we spent the last week in the hospital, Emma made some progress towards meeting some milestones within this last week. Emma has been waving bye-bye for some time now and signs "more" & "daddy". Within the last couple of days Emma has been communicating with us more by pointing to things she wants and shaking her head "no" when she doesn't want something. Another exciting happening that Emma is doing is that she is so close to sitting by her self. She loves to sit in her new highchair and we have been putting her in it as much as she will let us. Due to her new found comfort in her highchair, her interest in food has increased rapidly. Emma has realized that she likes mashed potatos and coffee cake. Praise the Lord this is an answer to prayer. We have been waiting for her to show interest in food for so long. Emma also got her first haircut a couple of weeks ago and loves to brush her hair and her baby's hair (head). Emma also surpised us by sucking on a pacifier this weekend. We love seeing her progress so rapidly and are waiting to see what she'll do next.

Brushing her hair...

Brushing her baby's hair..

Checking out the zipper on the pillow...

Pacifiers are cool!!

Yummy Mashed Potatos...

Emma's First Haircut ... What a big girl ;)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It was good while it lasted

Emma went back in the hospital on Sunday night after throwing up all day. Emma managed to stay out of the hospital for 3 months. Alissa and I were both home sick with Bronchitis for 4 days and we were unable to keep it from Emma. We stayed in bed for 3 days while our home nurses and family members watched Emma, but she still got it. Emma is starting to feel better and will hopefully be coming home tomorrow. We will post some new pictures of Emma when the girls are back home again.