Saturday, May 26, 2007

Play Date with the Patcha's

Today was a wonderful day, Emma had a much needed play date with our friends the Patcha's We went to feed the ducks at Woodbridge lake and then to the park to swing on the swings. It was great fun and so nice for Emma to be able to play with her pals Sidney and Noah. She really enjoyed as we all did just hanging out with our friends.

Swinging with Noah

Sidney at the slide

Sidney & Noah Flying High

Noah crawling through the tunnel

Susan, Alissa & Emma on the swings

Friday, May 25, 2007

Learning New Things & Out Of The Hospital

Emma is home now but, while she was in the hospital, after started feeling better, she learned a few new tricks. She decided that she'd try Gerber Graduates Corn Puffs and realized she liked them so much she ate the entire canister. This is HUGE because Emma has not really eaten food by mouth like this before. Every time she would see the can she'd point at it and pitch a fit until I gave her more puffs to eat. It got to the point that I had to hide the can so she'd stop and focus on something else... It seems as though she had a puff in her mouth the entire stay. We are so proud of her. Grandma Julie (my mom) bought her 3 more cans all new flavors to try. Hooray for Emma and Gerber Graduates!!!
Emma also learned to ask for wagon rides in the halls of the pediatric floor. Again, she'd point and smile and if that didn't work out came her little two year old attitude, so out to the halls we'd roam. It was very cute seeing her in the wagon waving to everyone and giving them her cheery smile. These rides were a great distraction from being cooped up in her room all day long. Once we got home, she wanted more wagon rides and it's a good thing we have a wagon at home already. Now she helps us get the mail.
Emma's third trick for the week is turning around in her Bumbo chair and sitting backwards. The Bumbo chair is designed so she shouldn't be able to get out of it. I guess the creators of the Bumbo haven't meet the determination of Emma. What will she think of and do next? Gosh, I guess we have a toddler now and she's gonna keep us on our toes. Check out the Pix, they're a riot.

Hey what are these? I wonder what they taste like?
I think I will try them..If I can only get one in my mouth.

MMM..These are tastey!!! More Please...

This is fun, I think Mommy and Daddy don't think so though.

Woo Hoo!! I like this you should try it, you might like sitting this way too.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Back in the Hospital

Dear friends,
Please pray for Emma, Mark & I, as Emma is back at CHOC at Mission again. She (we) went in yesterday because she couldn't keep anything down, not even Pedialite. As a result to this episode over the last 3-4 days, Emma had VERY low blood sugar (12) which should be around 118 I think. So needless to say Emma was a very sick little girl upon admittance at CHOC. She seems to be feeling a little bit better but is still suffering from not feeling so good, teething molars & eye teeth and the start of the terribly-terrific-twos. She is not sleeping well so neither is Mommy. We're all exausted. Please pray for a quick recovery, and her teeth to come through in a rapid way so the pain can stop and sleep can start again. Thank you and we'll keep you all updated when Emma improves and comes home again.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

The happenings of the day:
Happy Mother's Day. Today was a great day, despite minor hiccups with Emma and her tummy. We had a wonderful day with family. We went to breakfast at my parent's house and enjoyed each other's company. It was very sweet to see my mom and Emma smell flowers and watch bunnies. Then for lunch, we went to Mark's parent's house. It is always so nice to sit in Marci's garden and relax. Emma also got a chance to lounge in the arm of her Uncle Eddie. Today I got the cahnce to reflect on mommy-hood.

My Thoughts on Mommy-hood:
I never imagined being a mom could be so wonderfully tiring. Before I was a mom, I had expectations of how I thought things would be. Wow, was I naive. In the last 29 months (pregnancy - present) I have learned incredible lessons, with the themes of patience, endurance, hope, love, and reliance on our Lord. All of which have brought our family closer than ever, strengthened my marriage and brought me to my knees before God on many occasions. The race I have run thus far has been and is still exausting, yet rewarding. The prize is an amazing little and mighty miracle named Emma Grace Ford. The finish line is no where in sight but, I choose to enjoy life and fight every step of the path we are traveling on. With the guidance of God and the love and support of our family and friends I live life to the fullest and enjoy our daughter. Although becoming a mother was an incredibly scary and uncertain time I would not change the past for what I have gained is priceless. I love Emma so much and I am so honored that God made her for me to love and raise.

Being a Mommy is such a special gift that I will always treasure!
On July 16, 2005 Emma left tiny footprints all over my heart.
I pray that someone will touch your heart as she has touched mine.

Grandma, Emma & Alissa

Nana, Emma, & Alissa

Kickin' it with Uncle Eddie

Mommy & Me Shoes
Stopping to smell Grandma's Roses

Looking at the grass

Nana, Yoda, & Emma

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Photos in the Grass

This morning Emma and I went out in our front yard and enjoyed the cool air and sunshine. It was great to watch her sitting unassisted and discover she likes the breeze blowing through her hair. Emma is now part of Croc family. For those of you who don't know, Mark & I discovered these great shoes when Emma was in the NICU, called Crocs we wear them all the time. I have a small obsession and have them in 5 colors. Yesterday Emma got her very 1st pair of baby Crocs. They are the cutest things, you gotta check them out.

I am this many "right now" but soon I will be 2...

Look Ma, No hands, I love sitting by myself

Just checking out my new sheos, Hey I can stick my fingers in the holes on the top.

What a Sweetie Pie!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Here's the Latest on Our Miss Emma

Emma has been a very busy little girl as of late. She is now sitting all by her self like a big girl. We are so proud of her. She is also quite the curious little miss. She has been rolling around the house checking out anything within her reach. She's starting to show signs of getting closer to crawling. Right now her favorite "toy" is her Oxygen tubing, especially when it is attached to her breathing treatment machine. The pressure in the tubing causes it to vibrate which is alot of fun to chew on. (see pictures below)

Emma now has 9 teeth including 1 molar and is working on making 2 more teeth and 3 more molars. It seems as though she has been teething forever and it doesn't look like she's going to get a break any time soon. Our poor girl, eternal teething really bites. Emma is tipping the scale at a whopping 13 pounds 7.5 ounces as of a week or so ago. I still can't believe how difficult it is getting her to gain weight. Don't we all wish we had that problem.

Emma loves going on walks and especially stopping off at our neighborhood park. She loves swinging on the swings and turns on the boo-boo face when it is time to go home. She also enjoys coloring with crayons, I think we might have a budding artist on our hands. Emma has been working hard in Ocupational Therapy, although she really thinks that playing the keyboard and rapping on the tamborine is too much fun. One thing that Daddy is bitterly looking forward to is driving lessons. I don't know, somehow I think it's a little soon... Well enjoy the pictures...We sure do love looking at them.