Thursday, November 04, 2010

Jumping Jelly Beans

Halloween was especially sweet this year. Although the girls were under the weather at the end of the month, we were able to attend a couple of costume parties as a family in early October. The girls went as bags of jelly beans and Mark & I went as jelly bean fans. On Halloween we did venture out for a bit of trick or treating fun. Emma and Sara were so cute going door to door and holding out their candy bags. By the end of the hour that we were out, they really started getting the hang of the fun. The highlight was hearing "thank you" from the girls which made us so proud.
Super Cute!
Did you know Jelly Beans Giggle? Ours Do!

The "Sweet" Ford Family at the WFY Office Halloween Party.
Thanks WFY we had a great time!

Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Years Ago Today

5 years ago today at 6:30 pm we almost lost Emma. We got the news that she had coded and was fighting hard to survive. It was the hardest day of our lives as Mark and I sat there praying for signs of a heartbeat to show up on Emma's hospital monitor. The entire NICU at CHOC Children's at Mission worked intensely and they hurried around fighting hard to save her. We were all crying as we waited and prayed. God provided a miracle that night. A miracle that we will never forget. Today we celebrate that our daughter is alive and thriving.
Today on this anniversary God provided another miracle, as Emma rode the school bus to and from school ALL BY HERSELF. Here are a few pictures.
Today reminds us that our lives are fragile and in God's hands.

The day after Emma's code.
Hooked up to the oscillator vent with chest tubes from the pneumothoraxes.

Waiting for the Bus
What a big girl...

The bus is here!!!

All buckled up and ready to go.
Bye Mom!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kindergartener Extraordinaire

Today marked a major milestone for Emma Grace, as she started kindergarten.
This was a day we thought might not ever come, when Emma was so critically ill. But, with lots of prayer and hard work it did come. We are so thankful.
She was very excited this morning when she woke up as she knew today was the day.
Daddy, Mommy, Sara, Nan, Papa, & her nurse, Mary were all there to see her take the first of many steps into her new school Meadow Park Elementary.
We were all so excited and everyone was smiling, especially Emma.
As Emma walked down the hall she was greeted by her Principal who commented that she was not yet wearing her Angels gear. Emma quickly replied, "Tomorrow". What a funny girl she is and already so well known.
After school I was greeted with a wonderful report of the days events from her new teacher, Ms. Sulack, which was;"Emma had a great first day and she ate really well."
This made me happy and extremely relieved as I was a bit anxious about lunch time.
When asked if she liked kindergarten and if she'd like to go back, Emma replied, "Oh yes!"
Here are a few pictures of the big moments...

Walking up to the school

Sara, Mommy, Daddy, & Emma waiting for the bell to ring

Emma and her Papa

Emma, Nan, & Sara.
By the expression on her face I think
Emma just realized that there are a lot more kids at this school.
Greeting Ms. Sulack

Emma with her Kindergarten Teacher, Ms. Sulack

Sara Waiting for Emma to get home from school

Emma's home (with her nurse, Mary)....what a great day!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Emma!

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Emma. Our Little Pirate Princess celebrated her birthday with several of her closest friends and of course her family. She had a Pirate Princess themed party at a park, with a treasure chest cake, create-a-pirate hat and a real treasure hunt. The kids and adults had a swashbuckling good time.
We are so thankful that God gave us Emma, as she has brought so much happiness and hope to our lives (and the lives of those who know her). We are blessed beyond measure by Emma and are super proud to be her parents.
We LOVE you Sweetie.
You have come a long way from 2 pounds 1 ounce and 13 inches long, baby.

Good Morning My Little 5 Year Old!
Emma on her birthday morning.
Sara actually woke up singing "Happy Birthday to-Eeee" on this day.

I'm 5!

Listening to the last clue from Pirate Jack...

Argh! It's the Pirates Treasure

Emma sailing around in her Pirate Ship Walker..
Ahoy me Hardies! that girl can go!!!

Treasure Chest Cake...made by Mommy

Emma Grace, A True Pirate Princess...

Colorado June 2010

As Promised here are a few pictures from our trip to Colorado to visit Emma and Sara's cousins, Cason and Carter. Of course, we were there to visit Uncle Chris and Auntie Lisa too. We had a great time there and as it was our first experience traveling with the girls on a plane we are pretty sure we will be traveling again.

At the Stanley Hotel

At the Anheuser Busch Brewery
to see the Clydesdales and enjoy some samples

Granny and her Grand kids

Chris & Mark toasting at the Fort Collins Brewery

Cason, Carter, Emma & Sara
Four buds in the tub

Watching sponge animals grow in the water

Emma at the airport on the moving walkway
She loved it!

Sara, our Little artist

Sunday, July 04, 2010

May & June: The Beginning of Summer

Well I've said it before and I'll say it again...Time flies when we are having fun. May brought us a new addition to our family, as Karen and David had their first daughter. Kayla Elizabeth was born on May 5th. She is a cutie pie and we love her so much. The girls can't wait for her to get bigger so they can all play together.
We celebrated Mother's day as a family at Nana & Papa's house. The girls played in the water and sand table with Liam. They had a great time squishing the sand and pouring water.

Sara's Latest:
Sara is 15 months and has continued to become a busy little toddler at a rapid pace. She enjoys dancing, climbing, running around and getting into EVERYTHING. We have invested in several baby gates but they don't really stop her; just slow her down. She is quite the little Houdini. She is also a little sponge, as she's absorbing tons. She can say Mommy, Daddy, Emma, baby, happy, doggie, boobie, uh-oh, yeah & yay! She has 7 teeth and is currently working on her 8th. Sara is pure joy on roller skates. She keeps us on our toes but keeps us laughing as well. Her latest tricks include the animal noises, Mouw like a kitty, wow wow like a doggie. She has also found her tongue and finds it very entertaining to wiggle and click it.
Daddy is watching her as I am typing this and he hasn't been able to sit down. He is running interference and doing a lot of blocking. I think it brings him back to his football days.

Emma's Latest:
On June 23rd Emma completed her first year of school at ECLC, a preschool for children with special needs. She loves everything about school, especially her teachers, therapists and of course her friends. We are so proud of her accomplishments and milestones she met this past year.
Last week, Emma started her ESY (extended school year) with Summer School at her new school she will be attending this fall. She is blessed to have her new kindergarten as her summer school teacher so the transition should be a piece of cake. She continues to thrive at school and enjoys going 3 days a week. I am still finding it hard to believe that my baby will be in kindergarten in September. I feel like I blinked to long and she grew up. Speaking of, in 2 weeks we will celebrate her 5th birthday with a Pirate Princess Birthday Party. We are all very excited about this huge milestone and she is too. Watch for pictures in future postings.
Emma is continuing to develop with leaps and bounds. Her speech & language is improving vastly as she is now speaking in short sentences and making her needs and requests known. She is also continuing to use her walker to stroll through our neighborhood and everywhere. She is very speedy and is really able to navigate her space pretty well. Emma was also cleared to fly and go to higher elevations so we jumped at the chance to fly to Denver to visit my brother Chris and his family. It was a fantastic experience and a wonderful trip. Watch for a separate post about our Colorado Trip.

We look forward to see what new adventures this summer brings us and greet our future with arms open wide. Thank you for your continued prayers interest in our family.
We love you...

Water & Sand Play at Nana & Papa's

Mother's Day 2010
Mommy and her Girls

The Escape Artist

Sara Loves Loves Loves to Swing

Emma Can Slide All By Herself; What A BIG GROWN-UP Girl

Sara's trying hard to sit still for her first haircut.
Thanks Deb, you always do such a great job with my wiggly girls!

The Finished Look....Such a Big Girl!

Two Proud Parents going on a Date to the Loin King

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy First Birthday Sara!

Well although this post is far passed over due, here are a few pictures from Sara's First Birthday Party (which was held back in March). We had a great time celebrating Sara and just how fast a year can go by. It truly seems like she was born just a few months ago, how can Sara be a year (14 months at the time of this post) already??? We ate yummy food and watched Sara dive into her giant cupcake, chatted with old and new friends, and of course played like little kids as everyone enjoyed a sweet treat in "Sara's Sweet Shoppe". Sara was so busy greeting her guests and running around all day that she walked into a couple of walls from sheer fatigue but it didn't stop her from having a good time.
Overall, it was a very fun day.

She is absolutely amazing and we just love seeing her develop and explore her surroundings. Her curiosity keeps her busy, although recently she has taken to sitting and reading books, which is kind of a nice break for mommy. Sara has a funny sense of humor and is often caught looking at herself in the mirror and giggling. She always makes us laugh, even when she's undoing the tidying up we have just done. She loves to dance and is always smiling. We are proud to be her parents. She is a special part of our family.

Sara's First Birthday Banner, Mommy made for her

I'm ONE!

Cake, I'm Gonna Getch'a

Look at Sara's face.... She's so sad she can't eat the whole cake all by herself

Mommy and Sara

Sara in her new bathing suit, sitting with her birthday loot.

What do you mean my party's over?!?
(look at her shiner, that's one of 2 ouchies she got that day, what a bruiser...)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 Is The Year Of The Park

So far in 2010, going to the park is our favorite activity. We meet up with family and friends at a great park on a weekly basis to play. Here are some photos of the fun.