Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kindergartener Extraordinaire

Today marked a major milestone for Emma Grace, as she started kindergarten.
This was a day we thought might not ever come, when Emma was so critically ill. But, with lots of prayer and hard work it did come. We are so thankful.
She was very excited this morning when she woke up as she knew today was the day.
Daddy, Mommy, Sara, Nan, Papa, & her nurse, Mary were all there to see her take the first of many steps into her new school Meadow Park Elementary.
We were all so excited and everyone was smiling, especially Emma.
As Emma walked down the hall she was greeted by her Principal who commented that she was not yet wearing her Angels gear. Emma quickly replied, "Tomorrow". What a funny girl she is and already so well known.
After school I was greeted with a wonderful report of the days events from her new teacher, Ms. Sulack, which was;"Emma had a great first day and she ate really well."
This made me happy and extremely relieved as I was a bit anxious about lunch time.
When asked if she liked kindergarten and if she'd like to go back, Emma replied, "Oh yes!"
Here are a few pictures of the big moments...

Walking up to the school

Sara, Mommy, Daddy, & Emma waiting for the bell to ring

Emma and her Papa

Emma, Nan, & Sara.
By the expression on her face I think
Emma just realized that there are a lot more kids at this school.
Greeting Ms. Sulack

Emma with her Kindergarten Teacher, Ms. Sulack

Sara Waiting for Emma to get home from school

Emma's home (with her nurse, Mary)....what a great day!

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Priscilla said...

Emma, you rock!! What an exciting day for you - and your parents. Praying you will have a wonderful year of learning and friendships. Auntie Pris is so proud of you! And blessed by the perseverance of your wonderful Daddy and Mommy!