Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2007 CHOC Fundraiser Letter

The 2007 CHOC Holiday Fundraiser letter came out this week with Emma's story. Here is a copy of the letter. Click here to read the letter in PDF.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

This Thanksgiving, we reflected on just how much we have to be thankful for.
We have the love and support from our gracious God who gave us life.
We have an amazing little girl who is happy and inquisitive.
Her infectious smile overflows our hearts with the joy she brings the world.
Our families are a tremendous gift and we are truly blessed with their love and friendship.
We are surrounded by wonderful friends that continue to make life full of fun.
The following pictures are from our Thanksgiving celebration...
Mommy's little helper...
Emma helped me crunch up the cereal topping for the yams.
Hey, I think they're done.
By the way, What's inside anyway?
(Don't Worry, Mommy was watching very carefully for Emma's safety)

MMM, This pretend play is so fun

Playing with Uncle David...He is so much fun.

Auntie Karen is funny, she makes Emma laugh

Playing the piano with Uncle Eddie...What pretty music.

Taking time to pose for a picture with Uncle David

Smiling with Dee

One Thankful Family

Monday, November 19, 2007

Last Week

Emma had 2 exciting happenings this week. First, She went to a routine doctor's visit to the GI Specialist, Dr. Katz. He is the one who has been monitoring Emma's weight and nutrition. Well the good news Emma is growing and has put on a little bit of weight. After a change of formula, which she is actually tolerating, she has gained a little under 1.5 pounds in six weeks. We are so happy for her progress, and Dr. Katz is a bit happier with the progress too.
Second, Emma was fit and measured for a walker. It was so exciting to see her upright and proud of herself. Now we have to wait for the walker to be approved, made and arrive on our doorstep. So we will wait and pray for a speedy approval and delivery. We can't wait for Emma to experience the world from a new view.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Koi Fish and Horses

Yesterday, we broke our hibernation for a quick trip outside to Fashion Island.
Now that the air quality is better we just wanted to be outside, so we walked around looking at the koi pond and then after Purelling the heck out of the carousel horse Emma got to take her first carousel ride.
Mommy are those really fish? They are GIANT!

Holding on tight & here we go!!!

Daddy took Emma on the Carousel. They had such a great time.

It was special to see Emma have such a great time.

Daddy & Emma stopping for one more picture before going home.

They are so adorable...two peas in a pod.

We have our own little JoJo...

We hit the after Halloween Sale and this is what we found...
When Emma saw it she was so excited that she wouldn't stop smiling.
She has now become that child that always wants to wear her hero's costume.
Isn't she so cute...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

Happy Halloween

We celebrated Halloween by going to Nana & Papa's for trick-or-treating fun. It was so fun seeing our little candy corn knock on the doors and then dig in to get candy. She very generously shared with her Daddy since she doesn't eat candy. We all had fun enjoying family time together...

The Ford Clan



MMM what's this? It's red and makes great crinkling noises..

Hey!! Look what Nana & Papa gave me...

Sitting with Papa, Notice the kit-kat still in her hand..

Emma and her Uncle Eddie

MMM More Candy...

The Trick-or-treating crew...

Eddie, Alissa, Emma, Mark, & Katy

What a Sweet Pumpkin Smile!!

Happy Halloween 2007