Friday, January 12, 2007

We're Moving

Last weekend we looked at about 10 properties in Irvine for lease. After spending a week staying at Mark's parents over Christmas, we realized how cramped we were in our current place. On Sunday we applied for a 2 bedroom townhome in one of the newest areas in Irvine. The house was recently vacated by Alissa's boss, so we know it was well taken care of. The home is only 6 years old and is only 1.4 miles from Mark's work. It is 1200 square feet and also has a 2 car garage with tons of built in storage. We will be moving on February 1st. We are so excited to be moving to a larger and quieter place. Here are some pictures.

Front Door

Living Room


Master Bedroom

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Christmas and New Years

I apologize once again for the frequency of our updates. Life has been crazy. We had a wonderful time having Emma home with us for Christmas and New Years. We spent Christmas Eve with Alissa's Family. Emma helped open her presents, but needed us to do most of it for her. Next year should be a lot of fun. On Christmas Day we spent it with Mark's family. Emma got a lot of fun new things from both sides of the family. We ended up spending most of the week at Mark's parents house. They setup a crib for Emma, so we hauled all her medical equipment to their house. Since it took so much effort to get it there, we decided to stay the week. It was nice to have some extra help. Nana stayed in Emma's room for a couple nights so that we could sleep without interruption. We went home on New Year's Day after almost a week away. It was hard to go from a bright spacious place back to our dark cave. Overall, we had a great holiday. Here are some pictures.

The Greatest Gift

A new sister from Grandma

Look at my stash!

Grinning from ear to ear