Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pretend City: Children's Museum

What fun it is to pretend...
Yesterday we spent time in the imaginations of our little ones as we had a playdate with the Prescott family at "Pretend City". We had such a blast watching our kids playing in the garden, shopping in the grocery store, visiting the hospital, fishing in the wharf water area, relaxing at the beach, and cooking in the restaurant.
Emma, Sara, Aiden and Avery were all so cute as they explored this wonderful place of creative play. They drove cars and planted vegetables as well as saw patients in the clinic and shared a pretend pizza.
It was a great playdate and we had so much fun.
Thanks for coming down and playing Prescott family.

Little Miss Curiosity.
"Hey, what's in the water?"

Aiden is Speed Racer

Sara the Gardener

Emma the Apple Picker

Sara and Avery Picking Strawberries

Is this a Radish? Who Knows?!?

Hey! digging in the garden really IS fun
Water play

I'm A Big Girl. See I can Reach

Whatever Floats Aiden's Boat

I want the lobster, no the crab, no the blue duck. Hey! the yellow duck looks fun too
Wanna slice?!?

Little Chef Emma

Zoomie and his car...

Emma's going shopping.
*Note* the blurred face is to protect the innocent or in this case the unknown
Sara with her new BFF Stacylynn

Avery and Sara about to race.
Ready, Get Set, Go!

Dr. Emma Ford... ready to read your x-ray

Dr. Emma listening to her 1st patient of the day

Avery and her pretty smile

Sara having a ball in the beach area

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What We Have Been Up To - Time Flies When You're Having Fun

We have been busy busy busy since Christmas so our apologies for not posting sooner.
Geesh, it's already February. Where did January Go?

Well here's what we have been up to....
Mark took the week off between Christmas and New Years and we went on several day trips.
We went to Griffith Park in LA where Emma rode a pony and we rode on a train, we also went to Carlsbad and San Diego where we visited the Zoo and took our annual trip to Hotel Del Coronado.

We had a wonderful Christmas as we celebrated with our family the Birth of Jesus.
Sara and Emma had a terrific time playing with their aunts and uncles and cousin. They really got into the spirit of unwrapping presents. It bought smiles to our faces to see them excited to experience the wonder of what Santa had a also brought them.
It was so sweet to hear Emma sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus" as we had a party for Him.
On New Years Eve, we had our first of many slumber parties at Aunt Dee's house.
We ate yummy food, the girls played with their toys, and watched the ball drop at midnight. The girls and Alissa camped out on the floor in sleeping bags and Mark slept in the guest room.
You see the daddy snores and the girls need their beauty sleep.

Our Family Christmas picture 2009
It's a true joy being a family of 4

Sara started standing up on her own and trying to take steps at 9 months.

Aunt Dee with the girls in their new jammies getting ready to zonk out for the night

zonked out on the living room floor at Aunt Dee's
They just couldn't stay awake 'til midnight
Emma getting her face painted like a pink tiger.
She sat still and was so proud to have a new look.
What a big girl she is becoming.

Emma Loves Loves Loves the swings at our local park

Posing like a little model.

Sara FINALLY has teeth. YAY!! We hope teething gets easier.

Wow 10 months old. Really?!? where has the time gone?

Well we officially have a "walker".
Sara loves her newly found freedom of being vertical as she cruises all over the house
looking for mischief to get into...