Thursday, April 20, 2006

Breaking News

For Immediate Release

April 20, 2006

Emma Grace Ford has been cleared for a May 16, 2006 release date from Healthbridge Children’s Hospital. That also happens to be Emma’s 10 month birthday. Emma currently weighs 9 pounds 9 ounces and has been progressing well with physical therapy. In the past week, Emma has really showed a lot of progress. She is down to only a couple of medicines and is a very happy girl. She loves taking baths and sleeps through most of the night. On April 30th, Emma has been given a day pass to attend the CHOC Mission NICU reunion. Emma is really looking forward to seeing all of her old nurses and friends. Emma will be visiting her home for the first time on that day as well. As long as all of Emma’s medical equipment is approved and delivered in time, this date looks pretty solid. It has been a long 10 months for the Ford’s, but an amazing journey.

Thank you all for your continuous prayer and support!

Mark, Alissa, and Emma