Monday, January 31, 2005

Ticketmaster Fiasco Article

The OC Register had an article on the ticketmaster fiasco on Friday. Here is the link in case you want to read it. Ticketmaster Article

Alias Season 4

So, I finally started to watch the new season of Alias this weekend. I had the first 4 episodes TiVo'd, so I had a mini Marathon yesterday. So far, I like the new season. My impression is that they are trying to make it new watcher friendly. Now that they have created their own SD-6, we will hopefully have a lot less Rambaldy talk. It also appears as if you can jump in anywhere in the season and not be completely lost. It seems more episode based rather than one continuous storyline. With that being the case, I may be able to convice my wife to watch it with me even though she hasn't seen the first 3 seasons.

Friday, January 28, 2005

National Body Challenge

On January 15, Alissa, my sister, and I took Discovery Health Channel's National Body Challenge. For 8 weeks, more than 400,000 people across America are getting a jump start on losing weight and getting fit. Each of us received a 2 month pass to Bally's Total Fitness, along with a journal to keep track of our eatng and exercise.

After the first 2 weeks I have dropped 12 pounds and have been to the gymn about 4 days a week. The first few days were rough and I couldn't exercise for too long without getting fatigued. Yesterday, I was able to run almost 4 miles on the treadmill and eliptical trainer. My goal is to lose 40 pounds during the 8 week challenge and then continue on my own afterwards. It's actually been fun getting back to the gym. I just throw a bunch of angry music onto my MP3 player and start running.

They estimate that 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight now. It's no surprise considering how many of us eat fast food and watch TV instead of eating at home and getting outside to exercise. I will still get my TV fix in, but I am going to hit the gym more too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Vertigo Remix: An Ode To Ticketbastard

A remix version of 'Vertigo' to mark yesterday's heinous activities with the pre-sale.
(Note: Sebastian is Adam Clayton's brother---his company came up with the web site interface and look/feel)


Unos dos tres catastrophe!!!!

‘Turn it up Sebastian’

Site goes down, it’s dark
There’s turmoil in your head

You can hear your heart
You feel a dread so much stronger than
you thought ,Your eyes are wide
And you sold your soul
It can be bought
But then you start to wonder........

Hello, hello (f*ck that!)
I’m in a place called limbo (ticketbastard!)
I can’t refresh the page as you already know
Can you please help me someone?
I can’t Fail, Fail !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This site is full of holes
As the touts steal the tix
to sell for gold
They laugh as the
Boys play rock and roll
They know they can sell
And take our souls

I can’t stand this page
Would you rather take a cheque?
The girl from ticketbastard
Will have my hands round her neck
Listening to the ********
Listening to the ********
Ooooon Hold, Ooooooon Hold!

Hello hello (F*ck that)
I’m in a place called limbo (ticketbastard)
A pre-sale code that they say they do not know
Can you please help me someone?

I can't fail!!!, Fail !!!!

Oh yeah
Hours of fun…

*Sebastian Clayton vocal* :
none of this, none of this will be yours
none of this, none of this will be yours
none of this, none of this will be yours
Just give me 40 bucks for nothing in return….

Hello hello (f*ck that)
We’re in a place called Limbo (Ticketbastard!)
I can’t refresh the page as you already know
Can you please help me someone?

I can feel the life draining out of me, you f*ck ups are teaching me how.....

how to scream!!!

Yeah yeah yeah yeah

The Apprentice 3

So far so good on the third season of The Apprentice. I am happy that they mixed it up a little bit. The hippy guitar player is really going to get on my nerves if he sticks around though. I will be rooting for the street smarts team. The book smarts team are too full of themselves. It was great to see them flipping burgers at Burger King this week.

I heard that this may be The Donald's last season of The Apprentice. Rumor has it that once Martha Stewart gets released from jail, she will take over and look for her own apprentice. Good thing she is in prison right now. She needs to toughen up a bit for when she says, "You're Fired!"

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bring Back Propaganda!

My U2 circle of friends and I just spent the past 2 plus hours trying to get our "priority" member pre-sale tickets. It was a freaking nightmare, thanks to Ticketmaster. For the first half hour, we couldn't even see the sales window. Then, when we did, we kept getting internal errors. Finally, we all eventually got nosebleed seats for about $108 a ticket after the nice fees.

Back in the day, Propaganda members were able to send away for tickets well before they went on sale to the public. In addition, they were able to purchase tickets for up to 3 shows. For the Elevation Tour, we got floor tickets for 2 different shows and good seats for a third. Now, anyone can just pay the $40 fee and get priority pre-sale. You know there were a ton of brokers who bought memberships just to buy these tickets up. It was impossible to get floor seats unless you were extremely lucky (Mike Littau)!

I know that once the show arrives, we will all be happy, but right now I am pissed. $100 for nosebleed seats! That sucks! They also gave little notice about when the show was going to be coming on sale. Now we get to eat Top Ramen for a week!

Screw Ticketmaster!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy New Year

Wow! I cannot believe that 2004 is already over. It was a great year for me. It started in San Diego with my brand new fiance and ended at my parent's house with my new wife. I look forward to another great year in 2005.

On New Year's Eve, my little sister Katy got engaged to Eddie Eccker. I am so happy for them. They plan to marry in late July or early August. 2005 is definitely the year of the wedding. This Saturday, my cousin Brian Anderson is getting married. In April, Alissa's brother Chris is getting married. Then, in August Alissa's other brother Braden is getting married. I have 4 family weddings to go to already and the year is just starting.

This year, we plan to do a little traveling as well. In March, we are heading to New York to visit our friend Lauren. We are really looking forward to seeing that wonderful city. Chris' wedding in April is in Las Vegas, so it will be great to get back there as well. Who knows, we might get another vacation from Riu that we can go on to make up for our nightmare of a honeymoon. We are not holding our breathe though because the company is not based in the US.

Here's to a great 2005!