Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bring Back Propaganda!

My U2 circle of friends and I just spent the past 2 plus hours trying to get our "priority" U2.com member pre-sale tickets. It was a freaking nightmare, thanks to Ticketmaster. For the first half hour, we couldn't even see the sales window. Then, when we did, we kept getting internal errors. Finally, we all eventually got nosebleed seats for about $108 a ticket after the nice fees.

Back in the day, Propaganda members were able to send away for tickets well before they went on sale to the public. In addition, they were able to purchase tickets for up to 3 shows. For the Elevation Tour, we got floor tickets for 2 different shows and good seats for a third. Now, anyone can just pay the $40 U2.com fee and get priority pre-sale. You know there were a ton of brokers who bought memberships just to buy these tickets up. It was impossible to get floor seats unless you were extremely lucky (Mike Littau)!

I know that once the show arrives, we will all be happy, but right now I am pissed. $100 for nosebleed seats! That sucks! They also gave little notice about when the show was going to be coming on sale. Now we get to eat Top Ramen for a week!

Screw Ticketmaster!


chris said...

dude. tell me about it. i tried to get east coast tickets today.... totally denied! so much for being a u2.com member.

Mark said...

That sucks Chris! How long did you try? We almost gave up and ended up getting tickets an hour and a half after they went on sale.