Monday, February 25, 2008

Watch Her Go...

Well it arrived...
Emma's new custom walker arrived just before her physical therapist
knocked on our door for her therapy session.
We set the walker height and fastened her harness and watched her go.
She was so proud of herself and smiled the entire time.
Emma has a bit of practice to walk through while she learns how
to use her walker before it gets easy.
But I think she's gonna do great and will really enjoy her new freedom
and view of her world.

Emma's First Steps...

See ya later...

She's Back...

It was an amazing thing to see our little one walking with her walker for the first time. What a special moment it was. Emma was out walking around just when Daddy pulled up for lunch and was able to share in this moment too. We have high hopes for our girl and we can't wait to go walking as a family once the weather warms up and the RSV season ends.

Getting Outdoors on the Weekends

Emma Loves Trains...
So we took her to the Irvine Park to ride the Choo-Choo Train.
She had such a great time and would have loved to have
never gotten off the train.
She is still signing "train" letting us know she wants to go on it again.

Sittin' on a railroad tie..

All Aboard the Choo-Choo Train!

Waiting for the train to go, go, go...

This Weekend we went to the Heart Surgery Reunion Party.
It was so nice to see some of the staff that cared for Emma before and after her heart surgery. Emma had fun seeing the therapy dogs, doing "Spin art" for the first time and making crafts with Mommy and Daddy.
Doing Spin-art with Daddy...
Showing Mommy (and the camera) her finished product.
She was so proud, and so are we...

Hearts and Crafts with Mommy & Daddy

After the Heart Reunion, we went to have dinner with the family at Uncle David's restaurant Jalapenos Grill. We had a nice time eating yummy food and spending time with the fam.

Hugs from Nana & "Ah-pa" Papa

The Dinner Crew...

Eddie, Katy, Karen, & David

Alissa, Mark, Emma, Dad, & Mom

Friday, February 22, 2008

He always provides...

We have been waiting about 3 months for a walker for Emma. She was fitted for the walker but, we later learned that Emma had been denied for the actual walker. We were frustrated and frankly, a bit confused by this. At the end of January our friend Melinda, told us that her nephew had outgrown his walker and was offering it to Emma. We were elated. When Melinda brought it to us it was a perfect fit. We bought the sling, which is a special accessory to help support Emma when she is using the walker, and we are now waiting for it to arrive.
Well, a funny thing happened yesterday. After thinking we were denied for a new walker and receiving a walker from our friend, we received a call from Emma's Physical Therapist. He said that the company that manufactures and supplies the walker Emma was fitted for had called him; stating that Emma's walker had been built and was ready for delivery. We have no idea how this happened because we had all but given up on the idea that Emma would get "her" walker, except that God had His hand in this. Now we have options for a walker which we NEVER expected. After all of the ups and downs of not knowing, it just goes to show us that GOD is so good and He always provides.
Emma's new walker will be delivered on Monday and when we get her in it; I will take lots of pictures and post them as soon as I can. We are so exctied.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Be-lated "I Love You" Day

Since Emma had just been discharged from the hospital a couple of days prior to Valentine's Day; we decided to lay low and take some pictures for Daddy's Gift instead of going shopping. Emma loves making faces for the camera.
Daddy loved the outcome of the photo-shoot. Mommy did too...

I love you SO MUCH!!!

Sitting in the grass, soaking up the suns warmth.

Emma loves being outside.

MMMuah!!! S.W.A.K.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Emma's Home Again...

Despite our precautions to keep Emma healthy she still caught a bug.
And after several tests the results showed that Emma has a respiratory infection that caused all the trouble. Emma was put on two strong antibiotics and started feeling better rapidly. We spent 4 days in the hospital and were discharged today. We all are very happy to be home.
We're hoping we can keep Emma healthy and out of the hospital.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

It was nice while it lasted

After 3 months of being out of the hospital, we had to take Emma to CHOC last night. She went from being her normal happy self yesterday, to lethargic and pale within minutes. From 3:30 until around 8:00 she was constantly throwing up even though she had nothing in her stomach. The hospital is completely full right now, so Emma would have had to share a room with someone else on the pediatrics floor. The doctor opted to put Emma in the PICU last night so that they could run some tests. If she was sharing a room, they would not have been able to run the tests. At this point, we only know that she does not have RSV (PTL!). I will post an update once we know more.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Here's The Latest...

Our apologies for the lag in updates, but with the RSV season in full swing, we have been staying home and trying to keep busy. Not much is going on, so here's the rundown.

Emma has had several follow up Dr. visits and so far she is doing well. She weighs a bit over 17 pounds and is 28.5 in tall. We are still waiting for her to get to a minimum of 20 pounds before the Doctor will consider decanulating Emma's trach. In early March, Emma will have a Rigid Bronchoscpoy to remove scar tissue from her trachea and have her eye duct irrigated so it will drain properly. Yea! No more teary left eye. Please keep us in your prayers as these procedures require Emma to be under anesthesia while in the operating room.
Our dear friend Melinda's nephew has graciously given Emma the walker he has out grown, which she desperately needs. We are so excited for this, it may need some modification to for it to fit her, but we can't wait to see our girl standing up right and walking with this assistance.

Emma is also becoming more and more verbal. She had found her tiny voice behind her trach and is working hard with her Speech Therapist to form her lips and mouth to say words. This is still a challenge so, she interchanges signs with the few words she can say. We're so proud, our girl is BRILLIANT! Emma is starting to be able to say 2 syllable words like: Momma, Dadda, Ah-Pa (Papa), uh-oh, "ah-ha!" (thanks to the Piglet Movie). She can also say Up-Mom, no, yeah, & nan too. Our house is not yet noisey but it is getting there.

Emma has grown quite fond / obsessed with the Winnie the Pooh Series. She loves to sit and watch the movies while holding her stuffed buddies from each movie. She is so fun to watch as she interacts with the characters. When special songs come on she dances, wiggles and marches with her legs to the the music. We love seeing her engaged with activities she enjoys. She has developed quite the memory too. She often reminds us about things we've said we're going to do or that she wants to do. It's so wonderful that she can communicate with us. Emma often shows us what she wants at the moment or as she remembers doing things hours or days after the events. She still asks to go see Santa and the Christmas Tree at Fashion Island when we take her to the train.
Below are some recent pictures from the last month.

Calling Dr. Emma
Emma loves to pretend
When Mark was sick we all wore masks to keep the germs in check.
Emma thought this was a great game.

laughing & playing on a rainy day

Another boo -boo on Emma's Chin-ey Chin Chin...
More evidence of how active our girl really is.

Emma loves Piglet...She holds him tight when she's watching PIGLET'S BIG MOVIE...
It's so cute watching her give Piglet loves. What a sweet girl she is...