Friday, September 11, 2009

In the Blink Of An Eye...

The girls are changing and growing up WAY too fast. It seems as though it was yesterday that we brought Sara home from the hospital. Now it's hard to believe that it is already September, Emma is 4 years old and Sara is 5 months old.
Where does the time go?
In the blink of an eye, things change and children grow.
Despite the lingering cold that all of us have had, we are all doing great. Emma is still enjoying school and is thriving there. She has made several new friends and loves riding the school bus. Emma was recently casted for AFO's, which are special braces that will hopefully give her the support she needs to gain the balance to walk independently. Emma was fascinated with the casting process and was thrilled to be able to pick out the pattern for her new "Magic Shoes". (Pictures to come in a following post) She is very into Peter Pan so the obvious choice was the pirate flag symbol for the pattern, so to girl it up we chose hot pink straps. They're very cool and a little punk rock. She'll be quite the trendsetter.
Sara is becoming more interactive and vocal. She has learned to make the sweetest sounds including echoing noises we make, razzberries, and the famous sound that little ones make for what an "Indian" makes. What a blessing it is to watch her developmental milestones emerge. Sara has started sitting which she loves her new view and has mastered rolling over, although she doesn't like to do too often.
Below you will find recent pictures of the latest photo shoot that the paparazzi also known as Mommy took last week. We are very much enjoying being a family of 4!

Sara's Pensive Look...Wonder what she's thinking?

Sister Sister

Looking at Ants on the Sidewalk. Emma is very curious.