Monday, December 31, 2007

Celebrating Christmas

Happy Birthday Jesus!
We have a tradition in our home to celebrate our Savior's birth with a cake and a party. We do this as our dessert after our Christmas dinner. We sing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus. This year Emma thought we were singing to her. Hopeully next Christmas, Emma will understand a bit more. Below is our cake for this year. Emma and I spent some precious time baking this. She also helped bake some cookies for Santa too. (Apparently, Santa likes peanut butter and chocolate cookies)

Mixing the cookie dough...

Pressing the cookies with a fork...

Adding the Chocolate...MMMM delicious!
Our finished product...Santa ate them up.
On Christmas Eve, We went to Alissa's parent's house to celebrate with them. We had such a great time being together as family. Emma had tons of fun with her new ball tent. We enjoyed watching her play and create enough static electricity that her hair stood up.
Check out Emma's Hair...She's Electrifying!!!

Playing in the ball pit is so much fun.

Alissa's side... Alissa, Mark, Grandma Julie, Emma, Uncle Braden, Auntie Kelly, & Grandpa Jack

Kickin' back with Daddy

I'm gonna get'cha

Christmas morning we woke up and had a quiet morning together. We opened presents and ate delicious sweet rolls that Grandma Julie made for us. Emma really enjoyed opening her gifts and tried to open Mommy and Daddy's gifts too. After our quiet festivities we went to Nana & Papa's house to celebrate with them.

Emma and her new "Tigger & Friends" buddies.

Emma opened a set of cars from the Disney movie CARS. In this picture she is signing cars with pure excitment and joy.

Mark's side...Back row: Great Uncle Terry, Mark, Uncle Eddie, Auntie Katy, Papa, Auntie Karen, Uncle David, Jeannie, Glen, & Dee.

Front row: Alissa, Great Aunt Jan, GG, Nana, & Emma.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


The Christmas season brings such wonderful opportunities to make memories with loved ones. My brother Chris came from Wyoming for a surprise visit. It has been quite a while since we have all been together. Is was such a treat to see him again. We missed his wife Lisa, who couldn't come out, because she is expecting a cousin for Emma.

We met up with Nana, Papa, and GG at Fashion Island to see the 200 foot Christmas tree and to take Emma on the train ride. Emma is now obsessed with trains and wants us to take her all the time. She loved riding on the train so much.

Alissa's family, Kelly(top), Mark, Emma, Braden (rt of Mark), Mom, & Chris (front row)

Bundled up for a walk to see the neighborhood lights

Look Mom its a giant snowglobe

Gigglin' on the CHOO-CHOO

All aboard the Choo Choo Train

Daddy with his Nana

Emma with Mommy, GG, and Nana

Emma with Nana and Papa in front of 200 foot Christmas Tree

Monday, December 17, 2007

Visiting Santa

On Friday Mark took a half day so we could take Emma to see Santa. We went to the Irvine Spectrum because it is outdoors. At Santa's house each family gets to go inside when it is their turn. This worked out great because we were able to avoid the crowds and shield Emma from any possible germs. After the picture was taken we quickly changes Emma's clothes and washed her hands with Purell. Emma really enjoyed seeing Santa. She was all smiles and much to our surprise she; was not afraid. Now she wants to see Santa all the time. She signs and points at pictures of him regularly to let us know. Her face lights up when ever she sees is picture. We can't wait for Christmas, as she is more aware of the festivities than last year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Elijah's Birthday

Last weekend we were able to make the drive to Temecula to celebrate Elijah's first birthday. It was the first time we got to visit our Cousins at their new house. We had so much fun visiting with them before the party actually started.
(We had to leave before the guests arrived to keep Emma from getting sick.)
We were just thankful to be able to see them and make some great memories.
Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!
We Love You.

Alissa, Emma, Elijah (the Birthday boy), & Heidi

A group picture with the cousins...

Emma with Great Auntie Pris & Great Uncle Bob

Riding a bike for the 1st time, oh what fun...

Mark with Elijah & Emma

Emma with the Anderson girls

Sitting at the big kid picnic table...

Elijah and Emma banging on the table, What a fun noise!!