Thursday, July 30, 2009

Emma's First Day of Preschool

Well we are the proudest parents ever!!! We are the parents of a preschooler. Today marked a huge milestone, as Emma started preschool for the very first time. She was so excited that today had finally come. It has been all she has been talking about since meeting her teacher on Monday. It's hard to believe that she is old enough and healthy enough to attend school. Mark & I were so proud of her as she walked up to the class meeting area (the purple bench) with enthusiasm and a grin you could see from a mile away. Emma's new school is a special day school that educates kiddos that have special needs of some sort. Her class has 5 kids in it which makes it optimal for one on one time with her teacher & her aids. Emma already loves her teacher and gave her hugs when it was time to go. Below you can see what a day in the life of Emma at preschool looks like. Enjoy....I sure did.

Emma's ready to go... What a big girl

Walking with Daddy from the car to the school

Emma & Daddy in front of her school

Mommy & Emma waiting for her teacher on the purple bench

Playing with some toys to get comfortable with her new environment

Emma working hard on her "1st day of school" crown
Her first art project, of many to come I'm sure

Checking out her accomplishment.
So proud of herself

Snack Time

On a play yard toy...Oh what fun

Ready to slide down the slide

What a brave girl, sliding down all by herself

Sitting in Circle Time

Emma and her Teacher Miss Susan

Walking to the car after school

Zonked out from all that hard work.
This is a child that gave up naps a year ago, wonder if we're gonna get them back? :)
Emma We are so proud of you. Today marked a day we weren't sure would ever come. We love you and can't wait to see how much you learn and blossom from this experience.
Happy 1st Day of School Sweetheart!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Emma's 4th Birthday Party

Emma's 4th Birthday party was filled with smiles and giggles. We had her party at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was a great day to celebrate our little miracle and just how far she has come. This year was the first time she could have candles on her cake and boy, did she like them. She was completely mesmerized by the flames and the singing too. She smiled from ear to ear during her "Happy Birthday" Song and let out a "Yea!" when we were done singing. As we look back to where we've been and look forward to where we want to go, we are so incredibly thankful to God for our Emma. We are hopeful and excited to see what God does in her life.

Happy 4th Birthday Sweetie!

Cake #1 that "Curious George" made for her

Cake #2 that "George" made

Miss Shannon & Emma

Shannon, Mommy & the Birthday Girl

Miss Lisa & Sara

The Birthday Crew
Sean, Mattias, Sara, Logan, Emma, Liam, & Lia

Cousins: Emma & Liam

Oh this is what candles are....

Opening Presents

Nurse Violet with her son Sean & Emma

At the end of the party Sara found a comfy spot on Angela to nap. Boy was she out...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Emma Is Four... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Girl

Four years ago today Mark & I were blessed by a tiny (in size only) miracle we named Emma Grace. She is the most amazing kid who in her 4 years has taught us more about living life and what's important than we have learned in our entire lives. We have faced many trials together as a family. Emma has always had a smile on her face no matter what she has faced. She warms the heart of everyone that she meets. Her happy disposition and friendly "Hi" make us smile. She has the determination most adults strive for. She simply doesn't quit.
We are so proud of her and love her dearly.
We thank GOD for giving her to us.
We are blessed to be her parents.
Happy 4th Birthday Sweet One.
We Love You SO MUCH!

Emma opens her first gift...She was so excited to see BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.

We took her out to breakfast this morning to IHOP
We hope this can become a tradition.

Emma and her smiling chocolate chip pancake.
She didn't have the reaction we were hoping for, as she was scared of her food smiling at her.
Maybe next year she'll actually eat it. :)

All of us at IHOP

What an adorable 4 year old.

Emma helping Mommy make her birthday cake for her party.
Emma has become quite the little helper in the kitchen.
Such a special time to celebate our beautiful daughter.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Disneyland Adventures 2009

On Thursday Mark took the day off and we went to Disneyland as a family of four to kick off the celebration of Emma's 4th Birthday. It was the first time for Sara and the 2nd time for Emma, not that Sara will remember this trip; but hopefully Emma will. Although it was a fantastically hot day, we had a blast. Emma showed us just how brave and adventurous she is, as she rode on so many rides. She particularly liked the outdoor ones, as the rides going inside where it was dark were a bit startling. We met Auntie Karen, Uncle David and Aunt Dee there in the afternoon when they got off work. We had a great time checking out Bugs Life Land at California Adventure. Of course we had to take her on the BIG Ferris Wheel which she proceeded to stand up and look down at the top. Wow, she truly is fearless. I just hope we can keep her feet on the ground when she is older. Sara on the other hand stayed down on the ground with Dee and Uncle David. She did however, go on the flying cookie balloon with Daddy, Emma, & Uncle David though as well as It's A Small World. We enjoyed the parade and getting wet in the water areas. All in all it was a great day and we can't wait to go back there again.

Loading the girls up to get on the tram...Emma was so excited.

Walking down Mainstreet, USA

Mommy & Emma at Dumbo

Emma on Casey Jr.

Daddy & Sara enjoying some shade

Mommy & Sara

Mommy & Emma dancing at the parade

Aunt Dee, Emma, & Uncle David on Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
Oh What a delicious ride!

Alissa & Karen

Auntie Karen, Emma, & Daddy on Francis's wild ride

As you can see by her smile Emma loved this ride and asked for more when it was done

Daddy & Sara waiting in line for the cookie box balloon ride
The look says it all, "you want me to ride in that?"

Up Up & Away....

Daddy, Mommy, & Emma on the new Toy Story ride

What a little beauty
Happy 4th Birthday Sweetie.
We love you SO Much!

Her smile says it all

Auntie Karen & Emma on the Ferris Wheel.
Emma had a blast, Mommy hyperventilated... as Emma looked down :)

Mommy, Emma & Daddy at the top of the Ferris Wheel, What a view.

Daddy & Emma Rode the Golden Zephyr.

We Love Disneyland.