Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Good and Bad (but not Terrible) News...

Well friends, the bad news, we have been battling colds, staying home from school and visiting the doctor. The good news, Emma's immune system is stronger than ever and has been able to fight off the germs with out a hospital visit. So Far So Good. She is quite the trooper. She was very brave a week or so ago when she had to get her booster shots and received 6 injections. Only a few tears were shed and she sat so still. I was one proud Momma. Emma continues to gain strength in her legs thanks to her AFO's and is eager to walk. She had another fitting/adjustment with the Orthosist and he is pleased with her progress.

Sara, now 7.5 months, is crawling and pulling to a standing position. She loves standing up in her crib and screeching at us. She is so proud of herself, we are proud of her too. She has started to gain the nick-name of "Trouble" as she is everywhere...Under our feet, pulling our hair, and taking tumbles all in the name of curiosity. Her smile is so darling and she has us all wrapped around her dainty little fingers.

Watch for new pictures in upcoming posts... as we have been quite camera happy this month.