Monday, January 16, 2006

6 Months Old

Emma turns 6 months old today. She was supposed to go to Healthbridge last Tuesday and then again today, but she doesn’t seem to want to go. She had a low temperature last night, so they need to monitor her a little longer before sending her. She has been doing great otherwise. We were able to take her outside onto a patio yesterday and she loved it. We have been playing with her outside the crib a lot as well. She doesn’t need to stay attached to the monitors all the time so she is more mobile. She is a little more than 7 pounds right now.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year,

Emma is doing well. She is finally back over the 3 kilo mark and has slowly started to feed orally. It will still be a while before she feeds completely by mouth, but she is making progress. Over the past 2 weeks Alissa spent all day at the hospital with her while she was on Christmas vacation. It really gave her a chance to see Emma’s routine throughout the day. She also stayed overnight with her on New Year’s Eve to see what she does overnight. She didn’t get much sleep that night. Emma will be on antibiotics for another 2 weeks and then she will be going to a rehabilitation center called Healthbridge. We didn’t want to send her there at first because we just want her home. We changed our minds after touring the facilities yesterday though. It is a wonderful place in a home-like environment. It is a hospital designed for children who are medically complex with 24 private rooms. The hospital is large enough to handle the most medically complex cases yet small enough to give families a sense of intimacy not evident in traditional children’s hospital settings. Their goal is to get Emma home as quickly as possible. We also know all but 2 of the doctors because they all work at CHOC as well.