Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Pix 2009

We have been to the Pumpkin Patch a couple of times and may go back again...
Gotta love the pumpkins. Its good free fun and photo-opertunistic too.
Here are a few of our most recent pictures of the girls with the pumpkins.
Thanks Aunt Dee for the special jack-o-lantern shirts.
We love them, they're so cute.

Just Chillin' in the Patch Waitin' On the Great Pumpkin...And Charlie Brown too

Lounging in a Wheel Barrel

Sara's first Halloween Time.
She makes zerberts and spooky sounds.

Hey what's down there?

The Pumpkin is SOOOOO BIG!

Happy First Birthday Cousin Liam!!!

Happy First Birthday Liam
We Love you and can't believe you're a one year old already.
Here are a few pictures of Liam's Celebration

You want me to put my hands in the dirt?
Come on it's really pudding...

Maybe it's not so bad

Tonka Toy Pudding Cake and cupcakes to celebrate!!!

Emma with Nan & Aunt Dee
Such Divas...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trick or Treating Disney-Style

Last Thursday we went to Disney's California Adventures for Mickey's Halloween Party. We dressed up in a Peter Pan Theme as a family. This year Emma chose the theme, who knows what we'll do for the up coming years once Sara has an opinion. We walked around getting candy and healthy snacks from several stations and enjoyed the festive decor and party atmosphere and met Emma's latest favorite characters, the Peter Pan crew.
We stayed out till 10 pm and even Emma was awake till we got in the car. I guess it was lucky that Emma actually took a nap in preparation for the fun.

Daddy, I mean Peter...

Tiger Lily and Tink

Wendy (mommy) and Tink (Sara)

The Cutest Little Fairy Ever!

The Ford Family in Peter Pan gear


Showing off her healthy snack

Riding the Golden Zephyr

Meeting Peter Pan, Wendy & Captain Hook
Emma was thrilled with Peter & Wendy.
Sara made eyes at Hook.
Doesn't she know he's the bad guy?

We went with Uncle David, Auntie Karen & Sara (not pictured was Aunt Dee)
Thank you we had a great time....

Magic Shoes

A few weeks ago Emma was casted for AFO's (leg braces) which she picked out all by herself. She is very into Peter Pan so when she saw the Pirate skull and cross-bones she quickly made her choice. Last week she got them, hot pink straps and all. Emma sat through the hour long appointment patiently while she had her "Magic Peter Pan Shoes" custom fitted to her little feet.

The process begins
Sooooo Excited for her magic shoes

Here is some Green Velcro, wanna see??

One Very Proud Momma with One Very Happy Little Girl

And they're on....

First Steps....

On our way

Breaking them in, a little bit at a time.

A Close Up Shot
(they're super cute, her socks show through making the skulls pink, such a punk rocker)

Another Month Has Flown By...

Wow...I apologize for the lack of updates and that a month has gone by since. We have been one busy family. We have been to the park, out to dinner, walking around Woodbridge Lake, feeding the ducks, gone swimming, & looked out over the city of Irvine from 400 feet in the air.

Emma and Daddy up up and away!!!

400 feet is really high...

The Flying Ford Family

Emma and Daddy taking a stroll

Here Ducky Ducky... I've got bread...


Look Mom I'm learning to drive?

Well Sara is getting so big. She is now sitting, and trying to crawl even if it is backwards. She is already 6 months old; which is so hard to believe. The sounds she is making now bring such joy to our hearts. She has really come into her voice and loves to show everyone just how loud she can be. It's as if she is growling and laughing all at the same time. She really knows how to make us happy with her beautiful smile.