Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Emma Is Four... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sweet Girl

Four years ago today Mark & I were blessed by a tiny (in size only) miracle we named Emma Grace. She is the most amazing kid who in her 4 years has taught us more about living life and what's important than we have learned in our entire lives. We have faced many trials together as a family. Emma has always had a smile on her face no matter what she has faced. She warms the heart of everyone that she meets. Her happy disposition and friendly "Hi" make us smile. She has the determination most adults strive for. She simply doesn't quit.
We are so proud of her and love her dearly.
We thank GOD for giving her to us.
We are blessed to be her parents.
Happy 4th Birthday Sweet One.
We Love You SO MUCH!

Emma opens her first gift...She was so excited to see BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.

We took her out to breakfast this morning to IHOP
We hope this can become a tradition.

Emma and her smiling chocolate chip pancake.
She didn't have the reaction we were hoping for, as she was scared of her food smiling at her.
Maybe next year she'll actually eat it. :)

All of us at IHOP

What an adorable 4 year old.

Emma helping Mommy make her birthday cake for her party.
Emma has become quite the little helper in the kitchen.
Such a special time to celebate our beautiful daughter.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Emma! What a fun day you had with Mommy and Daddy. WE are so proud of you, too! You inspire us every time we see you or pictures of you. Love to you and your wonderful family. . .Auntie Pris

Maria said...

Happy Belated Birthday little one! May God Bless you with many more =)