Thursday, November 25, 2004

Get Lost

What happened to ABC? They have gone and made themselves respectable again. For a while, there was nothing left on ABC worth watching. Now ABC has a few of my favorite shows on TV, most notably Lost.

While Alissa and I were on our honeymoon, we bought Entertainment Weekly's Fall Preview at the airport. About 6 months ago we got a TiVo, so we decided we would check out a bunch of new shows. We made it through half an episode of LAX, through about 10 minutes of The Benefactor, and found a couple of gems. (We also love Jack and Bobby)

Lost is one of the few shows that we cannot wait to see the next week. Most shows we will TiVo and watch later. We get ABC New York, so we get to see Lost 3 hours earlier than anyone else on the West Coast.

The concept is simple, but JJ Abrams found a way to keep us coming back each week. He also has insured of us multiple seasons by making each episode only 1 day and giving us flashbacks into the lives of the characters before they were "lost".

In case you haven't seen it yet, Lost is about a group of plane crash survivors who are lost on a deserted Island. They band together to survive. There are about 15 main characters, with a total of about 50 survivors. Jack, a doctor, has stepped up as the leader. Kate was on the plane as a prisoner. Sayid is a former Iraqi Republican Guard. Sawyer is the asshole. Hurley is the lovable fatboy. Charlie (Merry from LOTR) is a drug addicted rock star. Locke came to the island paralyzed, but can miraculously walk again after the crash. Then you have Sun, a Korean woman who speaks English even though her husband Jin doesn't know it. Michael recently came back into the life of his son Walt after Walt's mom died. Shannon is a selfish bitch with Asthma and her brother is Boone. Finally, you have Claire, who is about 8 months pregnant.

The cool thing about the flashbacks is that no one is who they seem. Each of them can be whoever they want to be on the island because no one knows them. They are all given a fresh start in a horrible situation.

Every few weeks, ABC shows reruns of this on Saturdays to get you caught up. If you haven't watched yet, it's not too late to jump on the bandwagon. You can also read episode summaries here.

On another note, they are already talking about the DVDs at TV Shows On DVD.

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