Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Seinfeld Knocks Ken Jennings' H & R Block Off

Ken Jennings had his record 74 day winning streak snapped last night on Jeopardy. During his run, KJ won a game show record $2.5 million. He also helped Jeopardy increase their ratings by 22%. Sony is going to be bummed that he lost. I know that I am not the only one who canceled my TiVo season pass because of it.

It was quite ironic that the guy who knew something about everything lost on the night Seinfeld (the show about nothing) was the theme. He just couldn't get any breaks last night. He missed both Daily Double questions during the Double Jeopardy round and blew the Final Jeopardy question. In the end, Nancy Zerg, a realtor from Ventura, beat him with a measly $14,401 because she knew that H & R Block most of H & R Block's 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only four months a year.

Ken Jennings, we will miss you!

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Jeremy said...

Cold? What is it, like 75 degrees?