Thursday, December 09, 2004

Who Will Win Survivor Vanuatu?

With only two episodes left of Survivor 9, I wonder who will be the last one standing. 3 weeks ago, I wrote off all of the men, since Ami was systematically picking them off. When Chris miraculously changed the game by aligning himself with Eliza, Twila, and Scout, I was shocked. In my Survivor pool, I had Ami and Leann left, and I was sure that I had won. Two weeks later, I went from favorite to being knocked out. I think it is pretty obvious that tonight Julie will be gone. The only way she stays is if she gets ammunity. Come Sunday, who knows what will happen. If the final 2 ammunity challenges are physical, Chris looks like a lock for the final 2. If he doesn't get ammunity, the women need to vote him off right away. If he makes the final 2, I see him winning. Even with more women than men voting, you have to give props to the guy for defying all the odds. The women that are left have an equal chance of winning in my opinion. I don't think any of them are liked by anyone else because they all screwed the others. So, here is how I see the final 4. 1st - Chris. 2nd - Eliza. 3rd - Twila. 4th - Scout.

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