Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Can't Catch A Break

All year long I have been screwed in the BBL. I am ranked 5th in the Power Rankings, but my schedule is killing me. This week, I had a great matchup with Bulger facing my pitiful Niners. On top of that, he would be throwing to Shawn's Tory Holt, so I could minimize damage whenever he passed to him. Then he goes and gets a shoulder injury in the first quarter and Chris Chandler throws often to Tory Holt. The result, I lose again! Now, I need to beat a rookie by 20 or more points in order to avoid a second straight LPC. This blows! I have a solid team, but cannot catch a break. What burns even more is the fact that I have Hutch his only win of the season. I feel like Auburn and Cal right now.

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Jeremy said...

Some people (like, say, Josh) would retort that "it's all about the W." But those of us in the know don't think that. Look at the power standings; both you and I are in the top five, and yet you're in dire straits and I had to scratch and claw to earn a playoff spot.

The guy who's benefited most from the schedule has been Shawn, and not just because of this last weekend's game. His team has been in the tank since Week 7 and yet he's stayed afloat.