Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh the Saga Continues

Yesterday's Bronch and Eye-duct surgeries went well, or so we thought. As Emma was in recovery we were informed that a shorter-non-custom trach had been placed in Emma as a trial for weaning her off the trach. This was incredibly good news. The scar tissue that she was needing to be removed was not as bad as expected, so the Doctor didn't remove any. The eye-ducts had been successfully flushed. All GOOD news. Then her Doctor said that he had found a Submuceous Cleft in her pallate and he was refering her to the cranial facial team for follow up. What next?
Well Emma seemed to not be tolerating the shorter trach while in recovery as she couldn't keep her oxygen saturation level up. We switched back to her custom trach and that didn't help either. After about 5 hours in the recovery room, it was finally decided that Emma should move up to the new PICU. She slept a lot yesterday and woke up a little happier today. She is looking a little better and is about to start her feeding again. We have no idea how long she will stay, but don't expect for it to be too long. **As we are writing this, the earthquake hit. Being on the 6th floor of a building on rollers was quite exciting for Emma. **

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Natalie Annette said...

I hope that she gets better soon and is able to come home. I love you guys.