Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Back At Mission

Yesterday Emma was transferred back to CHOC at Mission. Since she spent time in the PICU at CHOC, she could not be transferred back to the NICU at Mission. She needs to be quarantined for 72 hours as they run tests to make sure she didn’t get anything at CHOC. She is in a nice room in the PICU. When we arrived yesterday she was the only patient. We had the whole ward to ourselves. It was nice to be back at Mission. We had many of our old nurses and staff visit throughout the day. Over the next week or two Emma will be working with an occupational therapist on feeding. The hope is that she can feed completely on her own, but it is more likely that she will need the G tube placed in her belly to feed her. We want to at least give her a chance to learn to feed before having another hole put in her. Even if she has the G tube put in she will be able to feed orally as well. We will just be able to give her what she doesn’t take by bottle through the tube. If everything goes well, Emma could be home in a couple weeks. It is very likely that she will be home for Christmas. We cannot wait to have her home.

Thank you,

Mark, Alissa, and Emma

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