Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Look Up Lucky In The Dictionary

Today at lunch, our fantasy football league had our 6th annual draft lottery to determine the order in which we draft come August. Well, for the 3rd straight year, Craig Petinak's ball was pulled first. His picture is in the dictionary next to the word lucky. The lottery is weighted so that the players with worse records the previous year have a better chance of drafting early. 2 years ago Craig won the whole league, so he only had 1 ball out of 40 something. This year he had the 4th worst odds out of 12 and he still had his ball pulled first. On the flip side, Ivan had the 3rd best odds and ended up with the 11th overall position. Regardless, it was fun to get together for lunch with 2/3 of the league and kick off the pre-season.

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Klamathguy said...

What Mark, you think this is news?
Craig has been lucky for years.
I think back to some of those last-second 88-yard touchdown passes from Jim Kelly to Andre Reed,

OR him being behind by 13 points with 25 second left and he forces a fumble and rumbles 87 yards for the touchdown, THEN onsides, THEN scores to win the game.

This should not be news. Craig and his old roomy Ryan Mac, they were two of the luckiest dudes I have ever known.