Saturday, August 27, 2005

Re: Surgery Update

Good Morning. Yesterday afternoon we had another cardiologist come in and give us a second opinion. After looking at her charts and progress over the past two weeks, it was his assessment that surgery would not be beneficial at this time. The risks of her doing the surgery at such a small size outweigh the risks of waiting. The risks are minimal for waiting. She could get an irritated vocal cord from the ventilator and there is a possibility of infection. Those are minor compared to the risk of not surviving the surgery. At this point, they will reassess her weekly and decide if she is declining. The plan right now is to get her to 2500 grams which is approximately 5 and a half pounds. She is currently 1202 grams or 2 pound 10 1/2 ounces. While she awaits surgery she can remain at Mission. She will remain on the ventilator while she is awaiting surgery because it allows her to not have to work so hard. Please continue to pray for healing and that she will continue to improve.


Klamathguy said...

Hey Mark, How long do the doctors estimate it will be before she gets to five and a half pounds, any idea?

Mark said...

It's hard to predict, but based on her current trend, it will be around 50+ days.