Monday, August 22, 2005

Gaining Some Weight

Since I last updated you, Emma has finally started to gain some weight. It took her almost a month to get back to her birth weight, but now she is gaining a little bit each day. I the past week she has gained about 5 ounces and is now a whole 2 pounds 6 ounces! Right now Emma is strictly on breast milk with fortification. She is no longer receiving the TPN fluids. Every 8 hours she gets an increase of .2 ccs. She is up to 6.8 ccs per hour as of today. Also’ since being back on the ventilator, her heart size has decreased because it hasn’t had to work so hard. With her gaining weight and her heart decreasing in size, the doctors are cautiously optimistic that she will be able to hold off on the surgery until she is a little bigger. We are praying that the hole completely closes up on its own.

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Klamathguy said...

Mark, thinking of you often, and checking the site daily.