Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mommy's Home

Yesterday Alissa was released from the hospital. While it was nice to finally be out of the hospital after 2 weeks, it was hard to leave our little girl behind. Even though she wasn’t in the room with us, it was nice to know that we could see her within minutes at any time of the day. Alissa is very sore from the c-section. Emma is doing well. On Tuesday they took her off the ventilator in her throat and put a breathing apparatus in her nose. Then yesterday they took her off of that and put a small oxygen tube in her nose. She is breathing on her own now; the tube is just to provide extra oxygen as needed. In addition, yesterday they gave her a feeding tube down her throat so that she can start taking mom’s milk. She gets 1 cc an hour and she is doing well with it. Today we should get a chance to hold her finally. We are a little nervous, but extremely excited. It will make this all a little more real. Emma does have a couple of minor issues that are typical for preemies. She has a small hole in her heart that will hopefully close on its own. If not, a minor surgery can be done a year or two down the line, but it is not life threatening. In addition, they found a minor brain bleed. There are four grades of this. Grades 1 and 2 are minor, while 3 and 4 are major. Emma has a grade 2 bleed and in many cases the brain will just reabsorb the blood. We are praying that that is the case. Thanks for all your prayers and support.

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