Thursday, May 19, 2005

Exodus Part 1

Part 1 of the much anticipated season finale of Lost aired last night. There were quite a few flashbacks to the day of the flight, as well as a few within the last week before leaving. At the beginning, the French Lady Danielle showed up at the beach camp. She came to warn everyone that the others were coming. She told of how they kidnapped her newborn baby 16 years ago. The black smoke indicated that they were coming. She told them they had three choices: Run, Hide, Or Die. The runners worked hard to finish launching the raft and finally launched it with Michael, Walt, Jin, and Sawyer aboard. The hiders took a field trip to the hatch to find a way in. Jack, Hurley, Kate, and Arzt decided to go with Danielle to find some dynamite. As they went into the jungle, you could hear the monster approaching. We find out that it is the "Island's Security System". We also find out that the black rock is actually a ship that somehow got into the middle of the jungle. We will have to wait until next week to find out who dies. Or they may make that part of the cliffhanger. Before launching the raft, Jin and Sun made up. Jack and Sawyer made peace as well. Walt gave his dog to Shannon to comfort her during the loss of Boone like he comforted Walt when his mom died. The flashbacks were informative as well. We find out that Jack is no longer married. We see Shannon tell security that Sayid (An Arab guy) left his bag unattended after he asked her to watch them. We also saw Michael and Walt struggling through the new father son relationship at the hotel before leaving. It turns out that Sawyer was in the police station because he assaulted a high ranking government official in a bar. He was on the flight because he was being deported. Finally, we find out that Kate got the toy plane back by robbing a safe deposit box in the bank where it was hidden by the Marshall. Overall, it was a very informative episode leading up to a tense 2 hour finale next week.

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