Monday, April 11, 2005

Amazing Race 7

The Amazing Race 7 has been the best season so far. Rob and Amber are great. I enjoyed watching them on Survivor and enjoy watching them more on The Amazing Race. They are smart game players even though they piss everyone off. It's just so much fun to watch them and you can tell they are having a blast. It's great to see them getting along so well. I hate watching all these couples just tear each other up while they race. I don't necessarily want to see Rob and Amber win the race, but I want them to make it to the last episode. I wouldn't mind seeing Ron and Kelly, Uchenna and Joyce, or Meredith and Gretchen win it. I just don't like Lynn and Alex. They are just so negative. I really wanted Brian and Greg to win. They were such great guys. I think The Amazing Race is the most exciting Reality Show. It is also cool to see all these great places around the world.

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