Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Sorry about the delay in update, but there has not been much to report on Emma as of late. The Doctors still don't know exactly what is making Emma sick. More tests have been run to gather more information and try to put more pieces to the "Emma Puzzle" together. She has been very irritable and agitated over the last couple of days; which is an improvement because this means she has been awake more through out the day time. Her temp has been close to normal since yesterday, only having 2-3 spikes in temp since then. They are usually at night or early morning which is causing her to be uncomfortable and not sleep as well as she needs to. Because of this, she was given Chloral Hydrate which takes the edge off and relaxes her, so she can get good healing rest. It acts a bit like Benadryl and Tylenol together. Her feeds were started again yesterday but she is slow to tolerate them because her gut hasn’t been pushed to work since we got to the hospital a week ago. It is very hard to see Emma this way. I feel so helpless, especially when she feels so sick and grumpy and all I can do is be patient and love on her. I just wish she was healthy again and we could get back to living life and having fun together as a family. We are still in the PICU and don’t know when we’ll get to go home. We (Emma & I) have really missed Daddy, as he has been home sick and has had to stay away to get well ans prevent any further trouble for Emma. Thank you again for your prayers and kind thoughts. You all are such wonderful support.

Below are a few pictures of Emma and some of her visitors.

Emma is half watching her DVD player and half Sleeping...

She is quite talented, as when I would try to move the DVD player thinking she was asleep she would grab my hand to keep the DVD player there.

Silly Girl....

Emma getting loves from Grandma Julie

Reading Curious George with Nana

A Visit from Coco, a pet therapy dog...

Oh what fun, one of Emma's first smiles in a couple of days.


Heidi said...

It must be so hard to be stuck in the hospital, waiting on doctors and test results!

We will continue to pray for Emma to heal quickly so you can take her home again. Shelbi asked me if she could read her a story, too... translaion- give Emma a hug from Shelbi!

We love you and pray for your strength every day!

Anonymous said...

Alissa, we pray for you and Mark and Emma everyday. Please know our love is with you.