Monday, March 10, 2008

Update for Monday 3/10/08

Emma is still not feeling well. This morning her fever spiked up to 104.2 again and we were able to bring it down with cool wet rags and a lukewarm bath. At this point it looks like she has a bacterial infection, but we don't know much else. We will be in the PICU until at least tomorrow and then possibly get transferred to the Peds Floor. Emma has been sleeping a lot and continues to have a horrible cough. It is hard to see Emma so miserable after she was doing so well. Thankfully, Grandma Julie was able to spend the night with Emma at the hospital so Mommy could get some rest. We were also pleasantly surprised to come home to a clean house as Nana and Papa straightened up our house and did some laundry while we were gone. We are so thankful for our parents.

Emma resting on Mommy in the PICU


Heidi said...

oh, precious Emma... we love you! We are so sad to see you so sick. We are praying that God will heal your little body soon. We love you, Mark and Alissa... wish we were there to give you a hug!

Cate said...

oh guys, i'm so sorry. we're praying for you all. god bless nana & papa for the house work. little things can be a huge blessing at crazy times. i love you.