Monday, May 15, 2006

Trial Run

Tomorrow is the big day. Emma is scheduled to be released from Healthbridge by 10:30 tomorrow morning. Over the past several days, we have been preparing for her homecoming. We had the house and carpets cleaned, received all of her home medical equipment, and took turns spending the night at the hospital being her sole caregiver. The overnights went well, but left us very tired. We had to get up every hour or two to either feed her, give her meds, or a breathing treatment. When she is at home, we will be able to split those duties and can adjust her meds so that she doesn't need them at night. Yesterday for Mother's Day, we had a day pass to dedicate Emma to the Lord at Woodbridge Community Church. It was a very special morning. We had 16 family members attend the emotional dedication. Emma did great. She was happy and didn't even flinch when Pastor Dave held her. Unfortunately, Emma is still extra vulnerable to germs so we couldn't show her off to everyone up close. Afterwards, we all went back to my parent's house for a Mother's Day celebration. It was so exciting to have Emma join us. It was the best day. We feel a lot more comfortable about taking her home tomorrow after she did so well throughout the day. We will send another update Wednesday after her first day home.

Thank you all for your incredible love and support over the past 10 months.

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ashley said...

hope all has gone well today!!!