Monday, May 01, 2006

NICU Reunion

Yesterday, Emma received a day pass to attend the annual CHOC Mission NICU reunion. It was held in the parking lot of The Shops in Mission Viejo. Every year they invite the families of anyone who spent time in the NICU over the years. It is a great chance to see the nurses, doctors, and other kids that were there when you were there. We saw a few of Emma’s friends there and caught up with a lot of our nurses. Another baby named Kyle was born 1 week after Emma and weighed the same amount as Emma, 2 pounds 1 ounce. He was able to go home after 71 days and is doing great now. He is around 13 pounds. Attached is a picture of our 2 families. It was so much fun having Emma out of the hospital for a few hours. She did really well. We also went up to CHOC to visit the nurses who had to work during the reunion. It was nice to be able to walk in and out of there with Emma not having to stay behind. On the way back to Healthbridge, we stopped by our neighborhood to introduce Emma to our neighbors. They finally got to see proof that she existed. In another 15 days, she gets to go home for good. We cannot wait.


Cyn said...

Yippy! I am so excited for you guys. You all look so good in that photo. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, lookin good. The Black Ice is one of my favorite books of all time, I read it in a single day, I was hooked, how it's not been made into a movie, I don't know. I am on myspace now, catch up with you later!

Ryan Brown