Friday, May 02, 2008

Cars, Imagination, & Haircuts...Oh My

Emma has become quite the funny little girl. She has found her imagination and has begun using it. It's wonderful to see her play with her toys. Today we watched her play with a car as a phone. She would hold it up to her ear and say "HI". It was so cute and we are often entertained by her. She loves watching Thomas the Train and Caillou, as well as Clifford the Big Red Dog and Curious George on PBS. So now when she sees advertisements for these shows she lights up and giggles. Emma has also started mimicking the sounds she hears. This is a huge milestone for her, as she has not repeated sounds before. We are so excited that she has come so far since starting Speech Therapy.

Today Mommy and Emma went to the salon to get Emma's hair cut. Below is a series of pictures of how it all went down. Emma was so cute when she saw her finished hair do; she just smiled at herself in the mirror.

Emma sitting in the styling chair. What a big girl. She started out wanting to sit by herself but when the hair dresser started to comb her hair Emma quickly wanted to sit on Mommy's lap.

Just a Trim as we are growing out her hair for longer piggy tails.

The finished product.

Emma looked darling in her new do. She loved picking out the flowers they put in her hair. I must say that Emma looked like a little princess. What a little doll.


heidi said...

oh, such pretty little flowers in her hair... so incredibly precious!!!

I am so thankful that you are seeing some speech developments with Emma... I can only imagine the excitement you guys feel!!!

Love you, miss you and really hope we can get together soon!

Auntie Pris said...

My goodness, the princess is really growing up! Love the new hairdo! Emma, you are too cute!

Maria Leger said...

pzEmma is just beautiful! She looks so grown up with her hair done. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!!!